Most Frequently Asked Questions

Walk-In Session Questions

Where are you located?


How much is it to come down and skate?

Admission Ticket is $12 and skate NOT rentals. Your choice either inline or roller skates are only $3 a pair. With a skate rental ticket you are allowed to switch once between skate type. This way you are able to try both Inline and roller skates. You are more than welcome to bring in your own skates. If you are entering the facility using a free admission promotional pass rentals will be $5 a pair. 

What if I want to come but choose not to skate, do I have to still pay?

You will have to purchase an admission ticket upon entry. 

Note: We also have a spectator policy. Spectators are adults supervising their children, assisting them skating. These spectators will not have to pay upon entire. If they choose to skate, they will have to purchase an admission ticket including a skate rental ticket.

Can I bring my own Roller Skates or Roller Blades?

Yes you can.

Can I just come down and skate without making a reservation?

Yes you can. You would only need to make a reservation if your wanting to book a party such as a birthday party, youth group, etc... You can book it online or you may call in to TBA

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

You may only bring in outside food with an Option 1 package, a table reservation (Option 1A) or Option 3 booking. If there are dietary concerns, please phone Sportsworld ahead of time, TBA. We will try and accommodate you our valued customer. 

What are your hours of operation?

Thursdays: 7pm-10:30pm
Fridays: 7pm-10:30pm
Saturdays: 1pm-4:30pm & 7pm-10:30pm
Sundays and extra sessions: 1pm-4:30pm

Is there an age limit?

No, there is no age limit. Our smallest size of skate is a 8 Juniors. That is tiny!!!

What is the biggest size of Roller Skate?

Size 16. That is huge!!!

How does a roller skate and roller blade fit?

Same size as a shoe. We only cary whole sizes. We do not have half sizes.

Is there a sitting area to watch the children skate?

Yes. We have an Off-Skate facing the rink to watch the children skate.

Are Helmets Mandatory?

No, Helmets are optional. We currently have about 20 Helmets for rental at $4.00 each. It is on a first come, first served basis. We recommend bringing your own helmets.

Do you have safety gear such as elbow pads and knee pads for rentals?

No. We only have the skate rentals and helmets rentals.

Is there liquor served?

No. Liquor is allowed on the facility during a private functions  (Option 3) with a license and liability insurance.

Party Booking Questions
Option 1 Packages

What is all included in the Option 1 Birthday package?

- 1 1/2 hour table reservation with permission to bring in outside food only. No outside drinks permitted.
- Gift, Shoe, Coat Check for entire visit.

- Each ticket includes the following. Only $20 each (Minimum purchase 8 tickets):
Skate Rentals
Hotdog: 100% beef,  however chicken and or veggie hot dogs are available. You must request in advance when booking your party. 

- Birthday person or Host receives the following:
The above ticket for FREE. 
Birthday announcement
$60 gift card good towards 5 free visits. Rentals not included. 
Glow Stick

T Shirt (Small, medium or large)
1 year membership to skate at Sportsworld for a year!
Fun shop item
How much does it cost for tickets?

Tickets are $20 each. These Option 1 tickets are valid for Admission, Rentals, Chips, Drink, Hotdog.

When do I need to book my party? How much notice do I give?

We would like at least 1 week at the minimum notice prior to the date of your party. However it is a first come first serve for birthday parties. Once we have your deposit, your booking is secured. The sooner the better. We will also take last minute bookings subject to availability. 

Do you have a fridge and/or freezer for ice cream and cakes?

Yes, we have both a fridge and freezer for our party guests to use.

Can my child bring in his/her own roller blades?

Yes they can, and they have an option to try on our roller blades or roller skates.

Can my party stay for the entire session?

Yes they can stay until we close. Option 1 and Option 2 parties may check-in as early as 12:30pm for afternoon sessions and 6:30pm for the evening sessions.

What are the table reservation times?

Saturday & Sunday Afternoon : 1-2:30pm,  meal  at 1:30pm / 2:45-4:15pm, meal at 3:15pm
Thursday Friday/Saturday Evening: 7-8:30pm, meal at 7:30pm / 8:45-10:15pm, meal at 9:15pm

The parents of the children are coming to watch them skate but they will not be skating. Do they have to pay?

No. These parents would be considered spectators. However, if they would like to skate they will have to purchase one of the tickets at the door or you may purchase an Option 1 ticket for them.

Is there a maximum number of people for an Option1 party package?

No, there is no maximum amount of people required. Minimum ticket purchase is only 8 tickets. 

Is there a cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy: Must provide Sportsworld with a minimum 14 business days prior to your booking date to receive your full deposit refund. If a cancellation resides less than 14 business days prior to your booking, your entire deposit is forfeited. This includes no shows, there will be the down deposit amount charged to your party.

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