• SPORTSWORLD deals heavily in joint promotions with Edmonton and area businesses. If you would like to sponsor us with prizes in exchange for advertising. Give us a call or if you have any other ideas let us know. We are always open to suggestions. Perhaps if you have an up and coming sale or promotion we may be able to sponsor you. Be a corporate partner and as a benefit you and your employees will receive a 10% discount on all bookings, receive tickets at a discounted rate, have a chance to win a FREE skate party, etc. To get complete details click here. 

• Looking for donations of prizes for dances, school incentives, silent auctions, etc. Let us know we would be more than happy to help you out! What do we need? Send us a letter via email, fax or mail with the details. 

• We also welcome promoters who would like to host a party at our facility; it is available day or night. We can also retail tickets for your next up and coming events.  Your event could be at any venue and we would still offer to this you. 

SPORTSWORLD Ticket Retailing Program 

We will sell your tickets!!

You keep 100% of the ticket sales, with our fee of $0.00!! 
We DO NOT have any service charge for this program. All you need to do let people know where to get the tickets. This can be done by including our information on all your flyers, posters, radio ads and website. If you have any posters we will be more than happy to place your postings around our facility as well we could distribute any promotional tickets as prizes. 

To receive more information contact us at TBA

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